Pattern shop

The metalcasting production is provided with well equipped pattern shop where the necessary pattern equipment is produced and repaired. According to the productive volume, complexity and overall sizes of the castings and the technical requirements, the pattern equipment is made of wood (pine or beech) and aluminium.
The wood is dried in electrical oven with maximal length of 4 meters. The shop is equipped with necessary machinery for carrying out of primary operations and completion of patterns – thicknessing planer machine, spindle moulder, band saw, turning machine, surface planner machine, pendulum, grinding machine.
The patterns are produced both according to technical documentation provided by the customer or copying existing patterns, after that technology is developed for production of pattern equipment and the casting. Casting patterns are designed on the basis of the drawings of the detail with metalcasting technological requirements of the casting and the mould, as well as the data on production batch size; the contraction of castings in different directions, the moulding method etc.

Casting shop

The company has invested in purchase and assembling of new modern installations for conveying of quartz sand to the mixers at the moulding line and core shop and equipment for recycling of moulding and core sand, mixers and vibrating tables in order to increase productivity and to improve quality of the manufactured products and in accordance with ecological standards. Moulding mix on the basis of quartz sand and bentonite (facing and staffing) is made ready in the sand preparation area, which is equipped with 3 batch mixers, rotary sieve, magnetic separator and conveyor belt. The core shop is equipped with a continuous mixer, batch mixer and electric oven for drying of cores. The cores are made by hand. In the shop are also produced exothermal dead heads.

The control of moulding and core sands is carried out at an express moulding laboratory, which is equipped with an instrument for gas permeability, for strength measuring of moulding sand, and an instrument for moisture and sieve analysis.  For improving the look of the castings are used non burning paints. The mouldings and cores are dried by hand with gas torches.

Melting line

There are 2 four tons electric arc furnaces for metal melting of steel and iron. The electric arc furnaces are hydraulically controlled and have nominal power of 2000 kilovolt amps. The chemical content control is carried out at express laboratory equipped with SPEKTRO M5 quantometer.

These analyses and trials are carried out:


chemical analysis


metallographic analysis


physical-mechanical trials


laboratory control of moulding and core mixtures


laboratory control of all incoming materials


УЗК и МПД се извършват от външна лицензирана фирма

В технологичния процес се използват екзотермични и топлоизолационни материали за регулиране на топлинния баланс. Над 60% от произвежданите изделия са от високолегирана манганова ( Хадфилдова) стомана с 13-18 % Манган, което се определя областта на приложение, а именно – детайли за топкови мелници, конусни, чукови, челюстни и роторни трошачки, зъби за багери, прешлени за трактори и др.

Фирмата ни е специализирана в производството на брони за конусни трошачки “Кубрия” с единични тегла над 6000 кг. За топене на чугун ( отливки с тегла от 0,5 до 1500 кг.) фирмата разполага с един брой индукционна пещ ИП-1600 с капацитет 1600 кг. Предлагат се както отливки от стандартните сиви чугуни, така и от чугуни със специални свойства ( с процентно съдържание на хром до 30 %).

Cleaning and thermal treatment line

The final processing of the castings is carried out in the cleaning-thermal line, which includes their cleaning from moulding and core sand. The removal of gating system and risers is done with a cutter using acetylene and oxygen produced by the company. Thermal treatment – normalization, hardening in water, oil or air and tempering in thermal furnaces – one fuel oil furnace with capacity of 12 tons and three electrical furnaces. They are equipped with microprocessor system for management and control of thermal treatment.
Castings of high alloyed manganese steel are thermally treated and hardened. For removal of scales, the chemical and mechanical scum and the remains of moulding and core sand all casting undergo treatment in turbine short blasting machines of Dozamet type. For removal of snags and unevenness, remains of gating system and dead heads the castings are grinded with 4 hanged grinders 4 hand operated pneumatic hammers. The bigger remains of gating systems and risers are removed by electric arc device with carbon electrodes.

Machining shop

The metal processing equipment consists of 4 vertical lathes with capacity of F3000x1500 mm, radial drilling machines, gantry vertical milling machine with work capacity of 4000х1800, universal lathes, 2 horizontal boring machines, slotting machine. The rough and finishing machining (turning, milling, drilling) manufacturing of fabrications and assembling of mechanical parts are carried out in the shop. The control of mechanical and strength properties of the iron and steel castings is carried out in a test laboratory, which is equipped with hardness measuring device according to Brinell, device for testing of strength and shearing.